11th Apr 2017

Cater Supply Rewards are here!

So how does it work?

Use the new tab on the right side of the screen labeled “Rewards Program” to access the new rewards interface. This tab will display on each page so you will always have instant access to your rewards.

It’s very easy!

The new interface is simple and easy to use. The total amount of points you have will display at the top. Then below you’ll have two options: Spend your points or Earn more points.

Earning points...

When you click on “Earn More points” you’ll be presented with several options to earn points. Come on! Give it a try, share us on Facebook or Twitter and earn 50 points right now! It's pretty easy.

Let’s spend them!

When you click on “Spend Your points” you’ll be presented with several coupons you can redeem. Each coupon will display the number of points required to redeem it. You’ll be prompted with a randomly generated coupon code that you can copy and use on your order. Want to save the coupon for later? No problem we’ve set it up so that it’s also emailed to you.